It’s about Progress not Perfection

Becky, from Carlisle Eden Mind’s Children and Young Person’s Team, talks us through her daily coping strategies for managing Lockdown 3.0…

This lockdown, I haven’t made any huge changes to look after my wellbeing. But I’ve definitely been more mindful and have been trying harder to do the small things that I can do every day to help me feel better. I don’t always manage it, but I’m trying harder!

Maintaining my energy levels

A day full of work and home-schooling can feel exhausting, so I try to be mindful about fuelling myself right. Trying to choose healthy over convenient, drinking plenty of water (I have a big bottle I fill up and have with me and I try to drink 2- 3 every day) and trying to get a good night’s sleep are things I try to do every day. It doesn’t always happen, but I know doing these simple things will mean I feel better, more productive and have more energy, so I try!

The importance of routine

Workwise, I try to get ready as I would if I were going out to work. I could happily sit in my comfies and work, but for me, I don’t feel as productive. There’s something about that routine of getting ready that changes my mindset.

Making the to-do list seem more manageable

I’m a big list maker and make lists for everything! It gets it all out of my head, and (hopefully) means I don’t forget anything. It also gives me a sense of achievement when I can cross something off! I try to make a list on a Sunday evening and split the tasks over the week so that it feels more manageable.

Treating myself with compassion

Other than that, I’ve been trying really hard to be kind to myself! Reminding myself that what we are experiencing at the moment is difficult for many different reasons. I try to take things day by day and not think too much about the bigger picture. Some days feel productive and positive; I’ll look after myself and feel good. Some days don’t feel like that at all- and so I remind myself that that’s okay and try again tomorrow.

Progress not Perfection!

For many of us, we’re not just managing our own feelings and emotions but that of our families, who are around us all of the time which can be tough too. I try to remind myself of what I have to be grateful for and live by my new motto for managing these times; ‘Progress not Perfection!’