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Making an impact and finding the right job for you

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The workplace has changed for people and organisations in the last few years, we’ve seen a global pandemic, economic downturns, cost of living pressures, adaptation to hybrid working, the great resignation and a recruitment crisis. It has taken a toll on employees, and now – more than ever – they need mental health support in the workplace.

January can be a tough month for those of us that are seeking employment and while hiring may be slow during the economic downturn, hiring doesn’t stop completely.

This booklet is full of useful information that you can try applying to your job search to ensure that you gain call-backs and interviews. Some of the information in this booklet may not apply to you but you will find some of the information may open your mind to working possibilities that you may not have considered.

Inside this booklet:

  1. Seeking employment
    1. Focus on wellness
  2. Creating a good CV
    1. Proving your suitability
    1. includes an editable CV download.
    1. Worried about gaps on your CV, this trick might help
  3. Using LinkedIn to help you find the best opportunities
    1.  13 top tips for getting started
  4. The new office working week and why it benefits your mental health
  5. Flexible working
    1. What is Flexible working
  6. What is hybrid working
  7. What is remote working
  8. Handling Rejection
    1. Asking for feedback
    1. Learning from rejection
    1. Rejection response plan

Having a healthy work-life balance supports your mental health so it’s important that you understand the available working opportunities. The market is saturated in talent but hopefully by applying these simple steps to your approach you will stand out and find success with your job hunt.

Narrowing your job search to focus on companies that are actively hiring and using the CV tips outlined in this booklet means you can now focus your search on companies that meet work flexibility needs, such as those embracing remote work; companies with part-time, remote jobs; or companies that hire for work-from-anywhere jobs.

“When it comes to remote work, the biggest current trend is there is a lot more of it!”

Our free seeking employment guidebook is aimed at supporting you with your job hunt. It is full of useful information and tips to help you plan your path to finding employment.

We hope this helps put your job hunting stress at ease and gets you on the road to finding the best job for you.