Yesterday wasn’t a good day

Laura from Border flowers writes about her ups and downs during a day in lockdown. It’s important to realise we may all experience heightened feelings of anxiety and moments of sadness at this time, whether in lockdown or not. These feelings are normal and Laura wanted you to know that you are not alone in dealing with the daily changes that this pandemic brings. Here’s Laura’s blog post:

27.04.2020 – 11pm

Yesterday wasn’t a good day, today has been better but now I lay quiet and I have stopped. My mind wonders with lots of negative thoughts, I feel anxious, worried and frustrated. It’s hard to explain.

I feel lots of urges to get back to work and to be amongst my lovely flowers. I miss my mum, family and friends, I am craving social contact. Yet the world/future feels scary to me now.

Today I got up early, started with a good breakfast and went for an early morning run. Came home, ate lots of fruit with a cup of coffee then stretched out. Followed by easy flow yoga, concentrating on my breathing outside. The sun was shining, it was a glorious day. I put a wash on and hung it on the line, I watered our plants and the grass (needs TLC).

So shouldn’t I feel brilliant? No, no I don’t. So worried, so anxious. I wanted to write this so that anyone feeling similar things can know, it’s OK. You can make the right steps, you can have a brilliant life and achieve everything you wished for so far but still feel so lost in your thoughts with so much wonder whether you’ll get through it.

I will get through it. So while yesterday wasn’t a good day tomorrow may be a great day.

I’m making the right steps, it’s just not a quick fix and it will take time. Luckily I have strong support, but please talk to your close ones or use a helpline like a Mindline Cumbria. Someone will understand, relate, listen or just simply really care about you. You can and you will get through it.

Take care 

Laura Grainger 

Border Flowers Gretna x x 

border flowers - Laura Grainger