Independent Mental Health Advocacy – IMHA’s

Your Voice is Carlisle Eden Minds advocacy scheme. We provide independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) across county Cumbria. This service is available to anyone detained under a mental health act.

What does an independent mental health advocate do?

Carlisle Eden Minds advocates are here to offer support to you. Our advocates will work with you. We want to help you to feel more empowered, encouraging you to have an active voice about decisions being made about you. This includes encouraging and supporting you to have more confidence. So when it comes to dealing with the way you are supported and the treatment you may receive you feel more in control of what’s happening to you

Carlisle Eden Mind’s Independent Mental Health Advocates or IMAH’s for short, are here to listen to you and be on your side. They will give you support and information. They will help you fight your corner.

Advocates aim to empower you. In doing so it will enable you to have more control over choices and decisions that may have a big impact on your life.