Lived Experience

As someone with lived experience of mental health, your views and expertise are important to us.  You offer us an insight into mental health that otherwise without your help we wouldn’t have. People with lived experience offer us greater insight. It helps us understand if what we do works. Also importantly it gives us insight into how we do what we do.

Influence and participation is part of what we do and how we shape the organisation.  When we recognise, that if what we do affects people with mental health problems, without engaging people who have experience of these we can’t effectively design services and offer support. We understand that widely engaging with people with mental health problems helps us do this.

Influence and participation of people not only brings enormous benefits to Carlisle Eden Mind. It also provides insight and benefits to those who work alongside us.  

It is not enough to rely on our own experience and the experience of those around us, because everybody’s experience is different. For this reason, we will actively seek out opportunities to engage with as wide a range of people as we can.

Because everyone deserves to be represented and heard.

By working together in this way, will make Carlisle Eden Mind more representative and more effective. We want to ensure that anyone facing mental ill-health gets both support and respect.