Children and Young People’s Services

Children and Young People’s Services by Carlisle Eden Mind offer a range of services across Cumbria. We work to educate, support and encourage the children and young people of Cumbria to understand mental health.

Carlisle Eden Mind has been delivering mental health services across our area for over 25 years. Over that time, we have seen the demand for children and young people’s services increase. 

At Carlisle Eden Mind we work directly with children and young people on a one to one basis through our Your Voice advocacy service.  We also offer a wide range of training for children, young people and adults who are caring for, supporting or working with children and young people.

Carlisle Eden Mind aspires to promote resilience and wellbeing through all areas of its work. It’s a pleasure to be able to work alongside many schools and organisations across Cumbria. By working with others we are able to offer young people support for their mental health and wellbeing, because we are always stronger in partnership.

“Taking care of your mental health is an act of self-love.”