Abbie’s Awareness Blog: Loneliness

I get incredibly lonely. I live alone, have only one family member who I speak to, am not in a relationship and my friends are all elsewhere. It can make you feel very desperate for human contact. I often speak to people on buses etc just to feed my need for interaction. Work and voluntary work have helped me broaden my connections with people, so if you are able I would strongly recommend this.

Get back into an old hobby, do what you enjoy, try to make it a happy space or a time filled with things that make you smile!

It can be hard to meet new people especially as you get older and people have already formed friendship groups. I get that, I get all of it. Try to look for things to do – such as courses, groups, apps, or try to rekindle old friendships. What I will say is be wary of just accepting anyone into your life just because you’re lonely, ultimately this could be a very bad idea. I do get the depression that can come with being so lonely, I wish I had the answer. The best I can think of is literally crawling out of that hole and trying to rebuild a life around you – you won’t be lonely forever I can promise you that.

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Being alone can sometimes be helpful or even enjoyable in a strange way. It gives you time to think and reflect but be mindful not to dwell. Maybe try making the most of your loneliness, that might sound silly, but some people would love time with themselves! Get back into an old hobby, do what you enjoy, try to make it a happy space or a time filled with things that make you smile!

What you can take away from this blog post:

  • All of us can feel loneliness at some point in our lives
  • I know leaving the house purposely to go somewhere is helpful
  • Try to start up a conversation, sometimes that’s all you need
  • I can’t emphasise enough that only you can break out of this
  • It can become your normal even though it shouldn’t be

Do you know someone who is might be feeling lonely? Perhaps, try sending them a text to see how they are doing. Here are some ideas on texts to send to a friend that is struggling with their mental health:

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