Sharing my story feels a bit scary

Writing a blog feels scary but I can imagine I am going to get a lot out of this.

By telling my story to other people, talking about my difficulties and my achievements throughout the last year. I hope this can help, even if it makes you smile or you can relate to my experiences.

Firstly I’m Laura, I have my own floristry business which only started in March 2019. So yes the one year mark is coming up. I find myself reflecting on my journey so far. The Good and the bad times always cross my mind. Today is Monday 2nd March 2020 and it doesn’t feel a good day for me, I am lacking motivation, self-belief and energy. 

I know what I need to do. Get out, get fresh air, do exercise, speak to my friends and family. I’ve done my jobs for the day and now I lay here on the bed scrolling on my phone, feeling low and tired. 

Tomorrow will be a better day, I know it. I have a strong plan and will be busy all day. 

Over the past few years, I’ve had these days on and off, not knowing how to get out of this feeling. I do though, every time. Getting by with help from my friends and naturally, fresh air and flowers help as that is my passion. 

No matter how great things are going in your life, it does not mean you can’t be unhappy. It’s like an uncontrollable dark cloud that comes over. I remember back to one day in the summer, feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and thinking how sick to the stomach I felt. Always remember you will get through this, you can and you will. 

Life is so tough but keep going, talk to someone, listen to others, feel the fresh air. Do what makes you happy.

Sharing my story wasn’t so scary after all.

Thank you 

Laura Grainger 

Border Flowers Gretna 

Thanks, Laura – sharing your story may seem scary but it really helps others to feel less alone and can help alleviate the stigma surrounding mental health in the community. This, in turn, means more people reach out for support when they need it. Share your story with us